How to Block a Contact on WhatsApp

How to Block a Contact on WhatsApp

One of the features of the instant messaging network WhatsApp is the ability to block a contact with whom you no longer wish to communicate.

Did you know that WhatsApp has over 2 billion users? It’s one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide because, in addition to sending messages, videos, and photos, it also allows for other additional functions such as sharing locations, text and multimedia statuses, and making real-time calls and video calls.

Blocking a WhatsApp contact is another option this app offers. In this regard, it’s a useful function that lets you control who can get in touch with you. Whether to avoid unwanted messages, maintain your privacy, or simply to not have unwanted interactions.

How do you block a contact on WhatsApp?
To block a contact or someone messaging you, first, you must enter the chat you have with this person (either directly from your conversation list or by starting a new chat). Then, once you’re in the chat, you have to click on the contact’s name at the top and press the red “Block” button that will appear next to the contact’s phone number. If it’s someone you don’t have in your contacts, you will have an option to block directly at the bottom of the screen.

You can also block contacts from the WhatsApp settings, both on Android and iOS. What you need to do is go into the Privacy section and click on the Blocked option. In addition to the list of blocked contacts, you will also have the option to add a new one.

What are the consequences of blocking someone on WhatsApp? You will no longer receive their messages, calls, and status updates. The contact you have blocked will also not be able to see your profile picture or the last time you were online. They cannot see if you’re online or your statuses when you post them publicly.

If I block someone on WhatsApp, will they know?
If you decide to block someone, they will know immediately, so no, there is no way to block someone on WhatsApp without them noticing. The blocked person will know what happened, especially if they used to see your profile picture and last seen time, and suddenly, they can no longer do so. However, WhatsApp does not notify its users when someone else blocks them; they can only deduce it from the aforementioned signs.