Powertoys 0.82: Bug Fixes, Enhanced Stability, and Improved Advanced Paste

Powertoys 0.82: Bug Fixes, Enhanced Stability, and Improved Advanced Paste

The latest release of Microsoft Powertoys, version 0.82, addresses numerous bugs, enhances stability, and improves the Advanced Paste function. This update also introduces several detailed improvements.

Key Updates and Enhancements

In their release announcement, the Microsoft developers highlighted several significant changes. Notably, PowerRename now includes an option to use sequences of random characters and UUIDs for file renaming. The Advanced Paste function, now referred to as “Erweitertes Einfügen” in German, has improved handling of CSV delimiters when using the “Directly Paste as JSON” feature and can now convert .ini files.

Additional Minor Fixes in Powertoys 0.82

Powertoys extensively use the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for their user interface. After porting to the WPF UI, there were some display issues in the Color Picker and Powertoys Run, which have now been fixed. Additionally, the Advanced Paste function previously had a memory leak issue where images were not correctly deleted from the clipboard history, which has now been resolved. Developers have also enhanced telemetry to gather better data on token usage and to determine the popularity of the clipboard history feature.

The file explorer plugins could crash when the preview handlers received a 64-bit handle from the operating system. Similarly, if the preview was attempting to update Windows borders but the file explorer had already disposed of the preview, it could also lead to a crash. Version 0.82 addresses these issues as well. The release announcement lists further detailed changes.

Users can update to the latest version via the integrated update search in the “General” tab.